EU Tyre Labels

What is the EU Tyre Label? What criteria does it use to asses a tyre and what does the assessment reveal? 

How to read the label

Tyre expertise

Tyres need changing – now what? Here you can learn how to fit Uniroyal tyres, about the various tyre profiles and types and much more besides.

Become a tyre expert

Advice for purchasing tyres


Which tyres do I need? Why? Summer, winter or year-round tyres? It’s not an easy decision. We’ll help you choose.

Learn more about the range of tyres

Safety and driving tips

How fast should you drive in the rain? How should you adjust your driving style in snow, fog or ice? Be prepared for difficult weather conditions.

To our safety tips

Driving in winter


Whether you want to make your car fit for the winter or to attach snow chains correctly – here you can find useful tips for every driving situation in winter.

Find out how to brave the frost here
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