Safety and driving tips

How to drive in heavy rain


If you fit tyres designed for rain like all of our Uniroyal tyres, you should be able to enjoy driving in wet conditions. There’s no doubt that rain brings its own challenges, but many of these can be reduced if you know how to drive in heavy rain.

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How to drive in fog

There are few things more frightening for drivers than to suddenly face a blanket of fog. 

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How to check your tyres tread depth


It’s important that you know how to check your tyres’ tread depth. After all, the tread depth affects handling and provides grip with the road surface. The deeper it is, the more grip you’ll have.

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Packing a winter emergency kit


However good your driving, things can go wrong. And the last thing you need is to be unprepared. Packing a winter emergency kit is relatively cheap and it could come to your rescue if you have an accident or break down.

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Leaving for winter holidays by car

Winter holidays are great fun. So the sooner you get there, the sooner you’ll start to enjoy yourself.

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What is Aquaplaning

Aquaplaning happens when water builds up in front of your tyres faster than the weight of your vehicle is able to displace it.

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Ten things you should always keep in your car

As well as carrying a winter emergency kit, pack some other little extras to make life easier.

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Physical forces when cornering

There’s more to tyre design than you might think. Engineers need to consider safety, fuel efficiency, wear and tear and performance - while being fully aware of all the forces that affect handling. 

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